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coverpic flag Scotland - Full Moon 221 - 09/09/14

James Yorkston
The Cellardyke Recording and Wassailing Society
Domino Recording Company

James Yorkston has been recording his brand of hushed folk a while now. His sensational debut Moving Up Country was just the first move. The new album features KT Tunstall on vocals and she adds gorgeous textures to the warm sound.

"The Blues you Sang" is a suitable title for a reflective and sad song. It even has echoes of the debut album's peerless "Tender to the Blues". "Guy Fawkes' Signature" is a spoken-word song done in a believable way, telling a quirky tale. "Broken Wave (A blues for Doogie)" is dedicated to deceased band member Doogie Paul, and it's a moving song, delivered in Yorkston's usual soft yet deeply felt tones. It's one of the strongest songs, ably supported by KT Tunstall and the Pictish Trail's harmonies. He covers Chris Bell's "You and Your Sister", the one that This Mortal Coil did a remarkable cover of. Yorkston's soft version has its own spirit. It's beautifully moving, like the rest of this fabulous album. It's one of the year's strongest records.

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