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Volya EP

Volya means freedom. And if it's one thing Ukraine deserves now it is freedom. Freedom and peace.

Zavoloka's Volya EP is created, performed, and produced inspired by the Ukrainian winter revolution, and, as Kvitnu states: ''s blood and fire. Metal rhythms from the riot streets, the sound of burned police cars, gas grenades explosions and the molotov cocktail symphony. The liberty napalm of transformation.' Welcome to the real world.

Volya presents three tracks; "Vilna", "Syla", and "Slavlennya". Has Vilna anything to do with Vilnius, Lithuania? Something to do with war, occupation, or being under a violent regime? 'Vilna Ghetto' was a World War II Jewish ghetto (in Vilnius, Lithuania) established and operated by Nazi Germany. On the other hand 'Vilna gubernia', or 'The Vilna Governorate' (1795-1915), was a governate under the Russian empire up to WW1. Anyway, Volya is the sound, or maybe the soundtrack to revolt, uprisng and oppression. "Vilna" sounds like the first turmoil, the uncertainty, and the march againts the oppressor; "Syla" sounds like the up-rise and the revolt itself (the march, and the clash), and "Slavlennya" sounds like the quietness... before the big storm. Volya is the sound of a 'documentary', or, maybe the sound of real life, or life's events in motion. It is a strong, rough and harsh document.

Volya EP is dedicated to Ukraine. Long live a freed Ukraina!

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