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Dream Boat
Way Out
Cloud Recordings / Arrowhawk Records

The Athens, Georgia, collective Dream Boat is the music within the musical (floating) vessel created by singer-songwriter couple Page Campbell (ex-Hope for Agoldensummer) and Daniel Donahue (one of Elephant 6's living legends, known from Elf Power and of Montreal). Tagged 'space folk', or 'psych-folk' they are for sure on the blindside of the mainstream.

Dream Boat (a band including members of The Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power, and Neutral Milk Hotel among their players, including John K. Fernandes, Dottie Alexander, Scott Spillane, Andrew Reiger, SJ Ursrey, Suny Lyons, plus others) launced their first album two years ago, namely Eclipsing (2012 Cloud). "Way Out" is now the first single off of their second record, its parent album The Rose Explodes (which has already been released, we will come back to it next moonth). "Way Out" is described as being '...a steadily loping, spaced-out strings-and-synths meditation.' (SPIN magazine). Dream Boat's music is heartfelt and has got a somewhat eerie twist. SPIN goes on: 'If Aquarius is the most visionary of all signs in the zodiac, Dream Boat's Page Campbell and Dan Donohue (who share not only the same sun sign but also the same birthday), may be the sonic water bearers of 2014 Athens, Georgia psychedelia.' Are we taklking true soulmates, musical twins (or Twin Peaks...) here? Maybe. Page Campbell and her fractured, crackling vocals, alongside the musical wiz Donahue are a neat match. SPIN says further: '...Campbell and Donahue, has made it their goal to create music that exudes this sense of biological realization and momentum....[here] they've managed to do just that and a bit more.' The mystery of and the spookiness of Dream Boat's music are quite clear and obvious. I dare you to explore their magic soundscapes and hynotic, swirling (and beautiful) melodies. To quote Norman Records, Dream Boat '...continue their soft, serene and unsettling dream pop. For all the mention of Elephant 6, this is serious, dark territory.'

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