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Chloë March
Nights Bright Days
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Chloe March's new album is a gorgeously textured effort that harks back to her earlier material. Single "Winter Deep" is a lovely song with a mood that's ethereal and bright. It's almost painfully beautiful. "Orpheus' Head" takes it inspiration from Greek myth, and is a dreamy concoction with sweet vocals. March's music hits a high here. "Eurydice on the Underground" continues the Greek myth theme and its'a highly suggestive song. March's delivery is absolutely lovely and spot on.

"Unit" ends the masterful album on a good note. March's sweet vocals against a neoclassical backdrop that recalls David Sylvian's art pop. It's one of many great songs on this brilliant album.

Nights Bright Days was released on the November 4th, and the release included a bonus digital EP with six previously un-released tracks.

Editor's note: For her inspiration March lists English novelist A S Byatt; mindfulness; bibliOdyssey; british author/writer/novelist and editor Charlotte Mendelson; English artist Emma Bell; British pop's first-lady Kate Bush; American folk-pop lady Suzanne Vega; British design, art and craft blog and collective Made; web magazine Music Thoughts; the French-Australian stylist, photographer and author Pia Jane Bijerk; English designer/illustrator/painter/printmaker Sarah Young; the English The Art Circus magazine/blog; the American (US) cooking magazine/blog The Post Punk Kitchen; Australian photographer Paul Barbera's visual documentation project Where They Create. Musical inspiration also count: fellow Hidden Shoal artists Elisa Luu (Italy), Slow Dancing Society (US) and Jumpel (Germany), plus Julian's Flight (which seems to be a streaming source to find global music), Canadian pop/country singer-songwriter k.d. lang, British soul singer-songwriter Laura Mvula, French poetic 'chanteuse' and trip-hop pioneer Louise Vertigo, English singer-songwriter and musician Maddie Southorn, the American (USA) lyrical indietronica artist Michael Fitch, and - finally - US electronic pop-artist (and eccentric) Moby!

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