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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 223 - 11/06/14

Imogen Heap
Megaphonic Records (UK) / RCA (US)

Imogen Heap's new album is long awaited and was done in some intriguing new ways. Fans sent Heap objects and she created music with them. Musically she's in familiar territory, with Heap creating a tense soundscape to emote against as ever.

"You Know Where to Find Me" sues piano and a soft backing for her multiple voices to create magic with. "The Listening Chair" uses a sparse backdrop to tell Heap's life story in about five minutes. It's a song that vaguely recalls Laurie Anderson's art pop from the eighties. "Lifeline" is a richly orchestrated song with a killer vocal, and Heap is really at her best her, recalling some of her best past works.

"Propeller Seeds" ends the multi-faceted album on a good note, Heap emoting beautifully to a nice melody. She's outdone herself with this album and it was worth the wait.

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