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Cult of Riggonia
Dwell Neo Dwell
Cloud Recordings

'Cult of Riggonia could really be from another time, or another planet. There are snippets of ancient Aztec worlds mixed with remote Appalachian villages, mingling with a lost order of monks, feeding through a Martian amplifier. And somehow it is all still pleasing to the ear. We recommend open minds, eyes and ears for this one.' (Cult of Riggonia's fb site)

According to Cult of Riggonia's (CoR) facebook site, they operate within the 'Post-Apocalyptic Greeg' genre of rock. Still according to their fb site, the band interests are focused on 'Greegin, Donaldson and his berries, cotching in the mind, mindtooth'. An indeed strange world they live in this cult. The members of CoR are (still with their fb site as the source): Raj, Senor, Martian, Web, Big Cotchin, Don Harry, Chuckles(s), Chaw, Lordo, Coconut Willie, Donaldson, Sivad and guestonias. Which doesn't make no sense if you aren't part of the cult itself. That is my guess. However, the music of CoR for sure tickle and tease my musical palate. "Dwell Neo Dwell" has got some folk-psychedelic sway, and feels like some sort of candy you surely knows that you will like, but you haven't got any clue of what flavours to expect.

Last week (October 28th), Cult of Riggonia released their 'debut' album (well, debut... CoR have released a lot of cassette releases, among them Nematode Rodriguez Presents.../Harry Chanchfield Presents..., which is a split-cassette between the bands CoR and Trufflelina), Nematode Rodriguez Presents. We will definitely get back to a report of the content of said album. When Cloud Records (which is run by former Olivia Tremor Control's John K. Fernandes) put out records, you stop and listen carefully. I guess there are several E6-people (or people related to E6 bands. Hey, is Jeff M. himself involved...?) among the players of CoR. The blog Surviving the Golden Age describes and sums up this adventurous band rather well: 'Between the mumbled lyrics, the chorus of recorders, and disjointed drumbeat, this seems like something that even the Flaming Lips would think is out there.'

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