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Circulatory System
It Never Made A Sound
PIAPTK Records

'For years, PIAPTK Records have made records out of less-than-conventional materials, including plexiglass, chocolate, mirrors, and more. Now, they have announced a singles series that will be released on a medium called CD-Records. They're CDs cut with grooves so they can be played either in a CD player or on a turntable.' (Pitchfork)

This summer, back in June, the semi-legendary Circulatory System released their latest record, the double package of Mosaics Within Mosaics. They are semi legendary because some of the band-members are legends (semi legends). Will Cullen Hart, John K. Fernandes, Peter Erchick, Derek Almstead and Eric Harris were (are?) members of The Olivia Tremor Control (when founding member Bill Doss sadly died some two years ago, the band took a break). Almstead has played/performed with a number of bands/acts/projects, such as of Montreal, Summer Hymns, Great Lakes, The Sunshine Fix, Marshmallow Coast, Vic Chesnutt, Elf Power and many more (including several other E6 bands/projects). They are the core of the band. In addition, a lot of friends and helpers contribute to and collaborate with the band, such as (on Mosaics...): Heather McIntosh, who is the House cellist for the Elephant 6 Collective (she has got her own solo project going now and then called The Instruments). McIntosh has played with E6 related bands such as of Montreal, The Olivia Tremor Control, The Music Tapes, The Gerbils, Elf Power, The Apples in Stereo, Great Lakes, and The Ladybug Transistor. Outside the E6 collective she has performed with numerous other artists/bands: Linda Perhacs, Kevin Ayers (of the Soft Machine), Faust, Animal Collective, Cat Power, Superchunk, M Ward, The Clientele, St. Vincent, Bright Eyes, Washed Out, hey!, even Gnarls Barkley and Lil Wayne. Then there are Charlie Johnston and Suzanne Allison, who are both members of Athens. GA band The 63 Crayons (plus other E6 combos). Both Almstead and McInthosh have performed with The 63 Crayons, and Almstead has (of course) performed with McIntosh' The Instruments as well. Then there is A.J. Griffin, who plays in Almstead's band Faster Circuits. Keep it in the family, right. Last but not least: Yes, of course, Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum contributes (sort of being like an associated member) to the band's recordings (like he did to The Olivia Tremor Control, where he in the beginning was one the members...). There are some other players involved with Circulatory System (CS, from now), but I have already written a too long section mapping the members.... Let us stop it right here.

It Never Made A Sound, or "Made a Sound" is a brand (well, fairly) new track from CS, put out on the net as a taster, before it will be officially released by PIAPTK Records' new project (as described introducing this review). "Made a Sound" is a lightly psychedelic pop gem, stomping and staggering, being described bearing a beat easily likened to a helicopter's stuttering drone. It is also said to have a melody recalling the pop-sike of San Francisco circa 1967. The slow punch of the song is a trademark CS song (with similarities to the sound and songs of The Olivia Tremor Control as well). "Made A Sound" is solid, clear and an excellent example of psychedelic pop kept alive. Long live Circulatory System! We quite obviously need a Circulatory System. Yes, the obvious reason for the system (the cardiovascular system) is to have a organ system that permits blood to circulate, and so that it transports nutrients (amino acids, electrolytes, etc.), oxygen, carbon dioxide, hormones, blood cells, and more. We need this musical Circulatory System, as well, for circulation of 'pop cells', and for transportation of pop musical nutrients. For health reasons. The reason is as obvious as for the other system mentioned. It is a matter of life and/or death.

The PIAPTK Records CG-Records will be released on December 2. Participating artists include Circulatory System, R Stevie Moore, Scott McMicken (of Dr. Dog), Jason Lytle (of Grandaddy), Wooden Wand, Little Wings, Simon Joyner, Money Mark, Howe Gelb (ex-Giant Sand), Benoit Pioulard, Julien Gasc (of Stereolab), Spaceface (counting members of the Flaming Lips), the Blank Tapes, This Frontier Needs Heroes, and more. Each disc will come in a printed sleeve.

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