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Tara Fuki
Indies Scope Records

Since early 2000, the duo Tara Fuki has operated the Czech music scene. They are not only a duo - they are a cello duo! Tara Fuki was formed by the singing violoncellist Andrea Konstankiewicz-Nazir and Dorota Barová. Both of them have been playing since childhood and are of course trained and well-studied (through music conservatory, studying musicology) on their strings. The Finnish band 22-Pistepirkko had a song called "Don't Play Cello" years back (in 1989). We'd better rephrase that title: Play cello. Hey, play violoncello!

"Lecimy" is tgaken from their new album, their fifth (?), entitled Winna (which is out now). It's interesting to hear the plucking and bowing of strings, which give the music a deeper, lower place on the scale than guitars would have done. But only slightly. The strings effect is quite obvious, and gives the song a fine tint. The song is a poppy folk style track, or somewhere in the world music, singers-songwriters area. sung in their native language. Which leaves me aside when it comes to lyrics. I believe (well, Google translate believes) that 'Lecimy' means 'We're going'. Which means (maybe) that this is a song about leaving something, or someone, or from somewhere. Maybe. Musically "Lecimy" sounds like a travel, a train travel, I think. The song makes me think of old acts like Indigo Girls, or Joni Mitchell - if she had a sister, and they'd both played cello...

Well, "Lecimy" is easy to listen to, it's neatly played and sung. It's a calm and soothing song, but I miss some direction within the song. There should maybe be some more edge to it. I'd better check out their new album, or some older stuff as well.

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