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Ex Hex
Merge Records

Indie iconoclast Mary Timony (formerly of Helium and more) [Yes, Helium! Still love their troika of singles: "The American Jean", for Warped Records back in 1992; "Hole in the Ground", for Pop Narcotic, 1993; and "Pat's Trick", for Matador, 1994 - editor's note] is back with her trio, Ex Hex [Ex Hex was the title of Timony's 2005 solo album - editor's note]. Laura Harris and Betsy Wright complete the high-octane lineup. The new album doesn't waste any time, getting into full gear with the tough "Don't Wanna Lose". It roars to attention.

"You Fell Apart" rocks like the Breeders' siblings, with Timony on top form vocally. The songs here are all short, sharp shock harking back to a very nineties American indie sound. It's contemporary sounding enough, and Timony has a great idea of how to hold the listener's attention. "Hot and Cold" is a fine example of the group's sound, going a bit slower, but with equal impact as the other songs. "Everywhere" sees Timony and her band doing a great almost power poppy blast of energy. It's a powerful and far too brief album, leaving the listener wanting more.

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