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Zola Jesus

Nika Roza Danilova, a.k.a. Zola Jesus has made quite a name for herself with a series of impressive albums in recent years. Taiga is a more accessible effort than she's made before, but it retains her innate mystery.

The title song is a dancefloor ready, yet evocative composition with her gorgeous vocals setting the pace effectively. "Hunger" is a huge, poppy song with an arrangement that feels very Florence and the Machine. Zola Jesus manages this without feeling like too much of a sellout for having gone dance. "Go (Blank Sea)" has a cinematic, big feel that suits Danilova's vocals. "It's Not Over" ends the album confidently, on a high note. Danilova brings her trademark evocativeness to a slow, drifting song with a lovely chorus.

It's a big step for Zola Jesus to make this album, and it's a gamble that pays off. She's gone more accessible without losing what makes her special.

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