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coverpic flag US - New Jersey - Full Moon 226 - 02/04/15

Deborah Henriksson
DHP Records

Deborah Henriksson is based in Sweden, but comes from the US [New Jersey] and carries a vital tradition with her. "Trains" is a soft-folk-tinged song with a beautifully delivered vocal, set to a nice backing. Henriksson is pure-voiced but not edgeless as she sings of wintry weather.

The title song is a Loreena McKennitt-esque moment of crystal clarity, with a lovely mood. "Fallen Disguise" is a warm, Celtic-tinged exercise with a gorgeous vocal. "Soulscape" is a lovely, laidback song with a jazzy tinge to it that makes it special. It's a lovely record and she's a great singer.

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