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The Kingmixers

The Kingmixers consist of Gary Preston, Anita Bonkowski and David Schade. They play energetic blues on this record, just like they did on their last one. "Walking Blues" gets a strong reading with some nice harmonica bits. The lead vocal is strong and flexible. "The Quarter" is a strong, r'n'b-influenced song that the trio performs well, the lead vocal has a New Orleans vibe that makes it the entire thing better. "Gulity" by Randy Newman is a song with a slow tempo, and a there's a true Waitsian flavor to this reading. It's as sharp and acute as all of the writer's songs are.

"You'll never get the blues" is a mid-tempo song with a great chorus. The Kingmixers work their charm as they do all the time. It's a brilliant album.

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