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Chloë March vs. Markus Mehr
To Set The River On Fire
Hidden Shoal Recordings

The lovely Chloë March returns with an intriguing EP where she remixes a song by Markus Mehr and vice versa. Her lovely piano and vocal effort "Ember" recalls eighties David Sylvian in its flawless original. The remix by Marcus Mehr adds a rhythmic undertow and works the siren vocal into a sinuous chorus of whispers. It's a truly inspired work.

Markus Mehr's "Bouy" is a suggestive piece, slow and delicately played in its original version. March's version adds a vocal and piano section and it's just great. It's a splendid EP.

You'd better check out March's last album, Nights Bright Days, and Mehr's freshest piece of work, Binary Rooms while you're at it (- editor's note).

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