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The Fate That Never Favored Us
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Before heading off to France for a small tour (in April) Kramies (AKA Kramies Windt) drop a new track. "The Fate That Never Favored Us" is a nice little gem from Kramies, or the 'dream-pop troubadour, as he is called.

This new track is produced by Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), and the song, its mood and arrangement recalls Lytle's musical world (solo or with Grandaddy). His label calls it 'a lilting, swaying cosmic waltz'. It sees Kramies with his guitar, playing and singing (with some additional electric/eclectic (synth) backdrop, added by Lytle? Well, David Goodheim is credited as an additional musician. Kramies sits deep into his melancholia world, and the song is very delicate and comforting. This is some way good vibe from the world of chilling pop melancholia. As good as it gets.

Final word from Hidden Shoal, who put it so wisely: 'As with so much of his music, Kramies delivers soundtracks to moments rather than mere songs.' Last year Kramies broughht us the splendid The Folkklore Sessions EP. Thank you for "The Fate...", Kramies. Anything else? Something else that is new? Bring it on!

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