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coverpic flag US - Michigan - Full Moon 227 - 03/05/15

Curtis Harding
Soul Power
Burger Records (USA) / Anti (Europe)

This album has an apt title, Harding's sound is soulful and it has a powerful approach that's for sure. Opener "Next Time" is a strong statement of intent, Harding's vocals set against a very organic backdrop. It harkens back to the seventies soul era, without really being retro. "Keep On Shining" is a song with a great rhythm section, Harding's warm vocals reaching a strong momentum.

"I Don't Wanna Go Home" is a rockin' number with a gorgeous chorus. Harding's vocals set the pace nicely. "Cruel World" is a strong closer, a beat that's on point, and a cool vocal. Harding has made a magnificent record.

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