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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 229 - 05/04/15

Tobias Jesso Jr.
True Panther Sounds

Tobias Jesso Jr. has a very classic sound on his debut album, sounding like a long-lost son of Jackson Browne or Harry Nilsson.

"Can't Stop Thinking About You" is very seventies brokenhearted singer/songwriter with a sound that's just right. "Without You" is a dreamy ballad that shows off Jesso Jr's skills with its yearning vocal and gorgeous mood. "Hollywood" is a gorgeously crafted song, worthy of any of the previous masters of the form, and all the more winning for it. The lyrics are sad, but wonderfully evoked.

"Tell The Truth" ends the album on a good note, Jesso Jr. singing to a restrained backing. It's one of the year's finest records.

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