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coverpic flag Iceland - Full Moon 229 - 05/04/15

One Little Indian / Playground

We need hardly introduce Iceland's finest, or talk about how this album leaked, prompting an early release. We just need to talk about how it's influenced by her recent divorce from artist Matthew Barney.

Björk is at her most expressive on this album, using strings and yet more strings. Opener "Stonemilker" is a deep, dark track that harks back to Vespertine with its wintry mood and wounded vocals. 'I wish to synchronies our feelings...', she sings. "Black Lake" is a ten-minute epic, Björk sounding strikingly vulnerable over string and it has a vibe she really inhabits. 'My shield is gone,' she laments. "Notget" has some Japanese-sounding chords, and Björk sings of a lack of communication. "Atom Dance" uses Antony Hegarty's guest vocal to full strange effect.

The closing "Quicksand" laments a future that won't be a reality. It's a universally accessible work even if it's not shaped according to conventional means. Björk is at her most Björk-y here. It's a beautiful record.

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