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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 229 - 05/04/15

bob hund
Hjärtskärande rätt

My favourite Swedes are back. bob hund have been spreading their joyful indie-rock/new wave since the early 1990s. Their last album, 2012's Låter som miljarder (Sounds Like Billions) was not among my favourite platters that year, and wasn't as good as bob hund had been in the past. Yet, when bob hund starts playing, the charm factor is present. Every time. Fact.

Same goes now with their new single song: "Hjärtskärande rätt" (Heartbreakingly right) sounds like... well, something that only bob hund can sound like. Joyful pop music with a twist. The band's stunt from two years ago was to sell all their equipment on an auction: instruments, amps, everything! Then, they travelled all around Stockholm loaning practice rooms and instruments from young bands and artist. bob hund were back to scratch. To see if they could 'find themselves', to have a new start. The music video for "Hjärtskärande rätt" shows the band with clips from old silent films: slap-stick and drama [hey, the band has even put music to silent films live, such as Dziga Vertov's 1929 documentary classic, Man with a Movie Camera]. Which about sums up what bob hund is about. Their charm is 100% intact. Great fun. I guess a new album will follow before the year ends.

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