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Edge of the Sun
ANTI Records / City Slang

Calexico have been around, and this album reflects Joey Burns and John Convertino's vast experience in music. They wrote the album in Mexico, and it shows.

"Bullets & Rocks" has Iron and Wine's Same Beam as a guest, and it's a thrilling, very strong song with an intriguing mood. "When the Angels Played" is guested by Pieta Brown and it's a wonderful song, with Brown's sweet vocals adding to the sound nicely. Clearly the band knows how to make good use of their collaborators. "Cumbia de Donde" is a song that could soundtrack a Western, having a slightly weird mood and plenty of thrilling sounds. "Coyoacán" has a widescreen sound as well, and the band wear it well. They play the song with all their skills and it shows.

It's another great record by Calexico, and it should win them some new fans.

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