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Okay, I don't have much time for this one, as deadline already has passed. And I've been a bit busy w/ having & making fun lately. I got this mini-CD from Deluge in the mail the other day. The cover is made of old pictures. I guess they could have used some new pics instead of using the same ones as earlier.

Deluge is a local band from Texel. They make a mix between the US East Coast and West Coast hardcore. They also puke in some Ska. This album is called Pianolaincognito. It's kinda too bad that the lyrics aren't written down.

You can hear that musically they've grown and learned how to write songs and play their instruments, cuz the first demo sounds like crap according to this record. The first two songs, Deprive and Bitch!, are okay and gone before I know it. With As it Gets as Oit Wants it's a bit slower, and I'm not much into this one. Vandaag (Today) has some Ska influences and is the best song for me to listen to. I like the lyrics and it seems to me that everyone feels like that from time to time. The songs Judged and It's Hard II are like the first two; some more good sounding hardcore songs.

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