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coverpic flag US - Texas - Luna Kafé - Full Moon 23 - 09/06/98

Bobby J

Once upon a time, there were seven rocket scientists: Chris, Andy, Ryan, Sam, Troy, Sean, and Cole. They conquered inner space living rooms with phasers made o' skin, strings, cymbals, and old typewriter parts. However, on their way back to Earth (this being the second side o' the record), they got lost in one inner-quantum doo-dah after another. After much struggle, including a battle in a forest of fans (equipped with various sonic vortices), a quick dip and descent into some bedroom acoustics, and hand-to-hand combat with the arrival of another evening's daily entropy, only two of the brave scientists made it back to the terra firma of Texas alive.

Did the others die? Nope, but they now float endlessly between mesa, oasis and New York City on the planet that ultimately is this record.

Copyright © 1998 Anne Heller

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