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Wieman plays Goem

'Goem was a Russian term for shops whose products were available only to Communist Party members.'

Trenkel was recorded back in May 2013 at Geluidwerkplaats Extrapool, Nijmegen, Nethelands, when preparing for a concert (at Studio Trenkel) with music by the duo Wieman. Wieman are Frans de Waard and Roel Meelkop, who have both been active musicians/composers for over 30 years and have had several projects together. Such as the band Kapotte Muziek (de Ward and Meelkop, with Peter Duimelinks), Beequeen (de Ward and Freek Kinkelaar), Destroyed Music (de Ward with Ron Lessard), The Tobacconists (de Ward with Scott Foust), Zebra (de Ward and Meelkop), Goem (de Ward, Meelkop and Peter Duimelinks) and various other projects - solo projects, under different names and aliases. de Waard also founded the labels Korm Plastics, Bake Records, My Own Little Label, and he co-founded and Plinkity Plonk Records. We're talking experimental music from the deep underground (dealing cassette tapes, CDrs, etc.).

Trenkel holds a work in six parts: "Trenkel" 1 through 6, and the rhyhtmic patterns and paths are strict and intensive. Goem originated (with Frans de Waard) in September 1996 when de Goer got hold of a 'Student Stimulator', which is a measuring device used in hospitals. de Boer was exploring and playing around with this machine for some time, and he was shortly after joined by Meelkop. The pair recorded and released the first album Stud Stim in 1997 (the same year they recruited a third member, Peter Duimelinks). Since then they have put out a long line of recordings, and they have performed in venues all over Europe. Before they 're-united' for Plays Goem as Wieman. Which means that de Waard and Meelkop are 're-creating' themselves - their own work. They are playing with themselves. This is hadrcore electronic music, and it's truly a presentation of some highly abstract and minimal stuff. The rhythm of the heat, or the heat of the rhythm. Dare I say, not for the faint-hearted. 40 minutes of, to quote Kvitnu's label motto: 'high blood-pressure music'. And, mind you, the pressure will be increased, not lowered. But, somehow, this feels good for the body.

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