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coverpic flag Netherlands - Full Moon 230 - 06/02/15

Lost Bear
A Short History Of Crome
Tiny Room Records

The description from Tiny Room's home page reads thus: 'Lost Bear is a 5-piece alternative rock band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. Operating in the underground since 2007. After releasing the full length Limshasa (2011) and the EP Shingolai (2013) on Snowstar Records, Monkey Pop is the first release on Tiny Room Records. ... Monkey Pop contains dark, groovy, hypnotic indie rock songs with hints at psychedelica, lo-fi and krautrock.'

The short description of the Facebook-page says 'psychedelic mental boyband'. Five funny boys not that young ... Monkey Pop was released as a very limited edition cassette with digital attatchments or just digitally two days prior to the full moon of June. "A Short History Of Crome" is the two and a half minutes teaser off the album. It might surely be labelled as hypnotic indie rock with hints at psychedelica and lo-fi. It's founded on a drum and guitar-lick loop that might turn hypnotic, or going on the nerves if you listen to it too often. Bass, vocals and a bleeping synth join in along the way. The vocals are treated with something close to psychedelic phaser effect. Always a treat. We'll hopefully return to the album next full moon.

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