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coverpic flag Russia - Full Moon 230 - 06/02/15

Natasha Borzilova
Wilder Days
Hadley Music Group

Natasha Borzilova has released a line of fine albums, and this one is just as good. The title song has a folksy feel, and s stellar vocal. It's a stunning song. "White Noise" is a contemplative song with a strong lyric that Borzilova carries off with her usual aplomb.

"Oysters" is a recent song by Tori Amos, and it's a smart move to cover it rather than the most iconic songs Amos has done. Borzilova finds her own spirit in the song. "Never Going Home" ends the proceedings on a good note, the singer looking back but being hopeful. It's symbolic for the album as a whole. It's a lovely album.

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