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To Come Unglued
Hidden Shoal Recordings

separated or detached; not glued.
come unglued, Slang.
- to become upset, disorganized, or confused; lose emotional control:
- to come unglued in an emergency.
- to disintegrate or collapse; fall apart; break down:
- The negotiators tried to keep the fragile peace agreement from coming unglued.

REW<< is the solo moniker of Ryan E. Weber, formerly of The Promise Ring, Camden, Decibully, and (one half of) the dream-pop duo Eric & Magill. Weber originally hails from the Western shores of Lake Michigan (Milwaukee, Wisconsin?), but after travelling around the world - he has lived/stayed in Kenya, India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia and the Republic of Armenia, while working on Eric & Magill releases, as well as recording his debut album of last year, Departeures - he has landed and put up his new base camp in Washington DC. From his various locations, Weber has been collaborating (over the Internet) with a number of contemporary indie artists, including members of Shearwater, The Dirty Projectors, Volcano Choir and The Delgados. With REW<<, he's on his own, armed with his laptop and his special equipment.

"To Come Unglued" is the second single from REW<<'s forthcoming second album, Olive Skinned, Silver Tongued Sirens Sing Swan Songs (due out on 16th July 2015). "To Come Unglued" follows the April single, the 'instrumental' "The Lights in the Sands of Katumpkale". And, yes, Weber has come up with some highly intriguing and exciting music. Sort of the darker side of Owen Pallett's pop. Musical soundscapes from a dark and thrilling dreamworld. As one review of REW<<'s debut album mentioned: 'If the wet/snowy weather is getting to you, put Departeures on your headphones and remember that it's always summer somewhere in the world.' (Wake The Deaf). Well, the summer around these shores has had a terrible, horrible start. I think I'll have to check out Deapartures while awaiting the new album. "To Come Unglued" is a spellbinding, exotic tale. Hidden Shoal state that Weber creates 'a sensual sonic bath infused with psychedelic dream-blues'. Further they call his music 'dreaminess with a sense of drama'. Right. Check out the cool cut-and-paste video while you're at it.

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