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Briana Marela

The latest cool lady from Jagjaguwar's roster is Briana Marela, a 25-year-old from Washington. While finishing and preparing the release of her Jagjaguwar debut album, All Around Us (due out in August), she's teasing us with a single taster called "Surrender". While you're at it, you should go check out her two little albums via Bandcamp as well: the cassette album Water Ocean Lake (self-released, 2010) and the CD/vinyl album Speak From Your Heart (Bicycle Records, 2012).

Briana Marela will tour North America supporting Norwegian artist Jenny Hval (a.k.a. Rockettothesky) this summer, which is a sign of approval for Marela bringing good, interesting stuff. Jagjaguwar is another 'seal of approval'. Being singned to Jagjaguwar is quite some endorsement, I believe. With "Surrender" Briana Marelashows her skills with an uplifting, spinning, swirling song. It is an elegant, bouncy and fluttering piece of music bearing Marela's soft, lush voice on top. "Surrender" rise to the sky as a balloon. Leaving us waiting for more. We'll see in August.

While you're at it - while awaiting the album - you should also check out her singles from last year, on the PIAPTK label (People In A Position To Know Recordings): the lathe cut 7" "I Don't Belong To You", and the hybrid disc (a so-called 'CD-Record') "Remain" (put out in the same series as The Circulatory System's "It Never Made A Sound").

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