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No Comprende
Sub Pop Records

You might not think of it but it is always good to have a new Low release coming. When you just thought the Minnesota threesome had done their best, they always return with an even better, even more touching record. "No Comprende" is the first single taken from their forthcoming album, Ones and Sixes (due out September 11) - recorded at Justin Vernon's studio. Once more the unit strikes back with a 'kick-ass' song in their typical, quiet way.

From their Chairkickers HQ, in Duluth, Minnesota, Alan Sparhawk (guitar and vocals) and his wife Mimi Parker (drums and vocals) plus bass player Steve Garrington follow up their fine 2013 album, The Invisible Way with another spiritual and splendidly magic song, "No Comprende". A song with a raw nerve. I have been to a couple of fantastic gigs with Low - shows where you're almost able to hear a pin drop to the floor. They throw vibrant concerts, where their low-toned music sparkle and snap. "No Comprende" is yet another song totally on fire. It is low, it is quiet - yet you sit there awaiting the music to explode every second. Of course it doesn't, but when you play the song once more (and again, and again), you'll await a thunderous blast - every time. Instead, you're exposed to the most powerful whispering rock around.

"No Comprende" is sublime, subtle and gorgeous. I cannot wait to hear Ones and Sixes. Period.

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