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The World of Dust
Space Mountain
Tiny Room Records

Tiny Room Records present the first taster, "Space Mountain" taken from The World of Dust's forthcoming album, Womb Realm (out 29 September). Space (and dust) is the place.

The World of Dust is an underground artist from Utrecht, The Netherlands. The World of Dust is the solo project of Stefan Breuer, who also runs the Tiny Room label (the label where to find another NL act with Breuer as a member, Lost Bear - Breuer is also a player with another Tiny Room band, I Am Oak, as well as being a former(?) member of The Subhuman and project called Howart). "Space Mountain" is a little (2.24) dream pop-gem by Breuer, produced/arranged by label mate Todd Tobias (formerly of Guided By Voices fame, as well being as a member of Brother Earth). "Space Mountain" is indeed laidback and it sounds maybe a bit vague by the first, few rounds of spinning, but the song grows and it stands out as a very fine, little melody from the dreamy, bedroom lo-fi pop, indie-folk genre. Low-voiced, whispered space pop. Watch out for Womb Realm!

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