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Bow To Each Other
My Heart Is A Target / Be That One
Jansen Plateproduksjon

Last year, Megan Kovacs and Gunhild Kristoffersen's Bow To Each Other put out their splendid (synth) pop album debut, The Urge Drums. Earlier this year the Norwegian-Canadian indie pop duo launched an EP entitled Like I Never Left. The last months have seen them finish the crowdfunded new album, My Heart Is A Target (due out on 16 October), and their recent 'double A-side' single, "My Heart Is A Target" / "Be That One" was presented as a tasty starter while awaiting the full, second album.

The new album's title track, "My Heart Is A Target" is a catchy, slowly rising pop tune from the dark synth-pop waves. Bow To Each Other (BTEO) put their heart(s) up for some emotional 'aiming and firing' practise. The song is like a hymn for vulnerability of loneliness, and will match fine into BTEO's live repertoire with its drama and slowly pounding, punching drums (war drums, or love drums... or, maybe a combination of the two?). "Be That One" (feat. Pow Pow - who's a Oslo based pop quintet) is also of the dramatic moods, but feels much lighter and more dancy than the other A-side. "Be That One" sounds more like doing the opposite of its 'twin song', "My Heart Is A Target", as this song's targeting a heart. Looking forward to hear the rest of BTEO's new album.

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