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Endless Vacation EP
Pleasure Masters

Norwegian singer and DJ Annie (a.k.a. Anne Lilia Berge-Strand) has been one of the hipper Norwegian pop artists over the last 15 years, but she's had a bigger name abroad (she's a sought- after club DJ) than in Norway. Annie's first hit was "The Greatest Hit" (released as a 7" in 1999), co-written with her then boyfriend, the innovative DJ Erot (a.k.a. Tore Andreas Kroknes, who died in 2001, age 23). "The Greatest Hit" was relaunched a year later on Tellé Records' Samleplate. Annie curated a mix album in the DJ-Kicks series in 2005, and she's put out two full length albums, Anniemal (679 Recordings, 2004) and Don't Stop (Smalltown Supersound/Totally, 2009). Over the years she's collaborated a lot with UK songwriter/producer Richard X, as she does on her new EP.

80s/90s dance-pop, electro-pop, synth-pop or smart disco-pop is Annie's thing, and she can (at times) be 'compared' to Madonna ("The Greatest Hit" held some Madonna-samples). She's said to be as 'pop as early Madonna or late Kylie Minogue, yet her hipster credibility puts her just as close to Saint Etienne or Miss Kittin.' (Andy Kellman). Endless Vacation holds four songs, and the opening "Cara Mia" sets the party factor immediately with its chilled and dazed dance club lounge mood. "Dadaday" has a certain Madonna 'twang' in the beginning, and it continues slowly towards the centre of the dancefloor's spotlight. The catchy "Out of Reach" hangs on to the relaxed dance floor swirl, before the quicker "WorkX2" makes sure to keep the beat to help the blood rush flow. If you are ready to improve your rusty dance moves you can try out Endless Vacation. The cheesy cover art, a xeroxed, sleazy cassette cover folded out, makes this a funny dance lesson.

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