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coverpic flag Ukraine - Full Moon 236 - 11/25/15


'Algorithmic psychedelia from grandmaster of Max/MSP madness Ujif_notfound. Digital audio hallucinating experience of extremely complex and at the same time gently simple sound forms' (Kvitnu). UN a.k.a. Ujif_notfound (a.k.a. Georgiy Potopalskiy) is an Ukrainian 'sound/vision artist' digging deep into the fields of experimentalism. Let's quote UN's Facebook site to get some idea what [pre][code] really is about: 'The main activity is the creation of multimedia systems based on the algorithm of the kinetic relationship between man and the program.' Yeah. Algorithm'n'blues, eh? Experimental psychedelic ambient-techno will do.

The Kvitnu label states further: 'It is not just a music album, it's a state of consciousness of radical deep experiments. A tool which will guide listener to a new sonic involvement. Unsafe and insecure music where balance and chaos collide.' Ujif_notfound's fieldwork and field-recordings go deep inside the belly of his hard disks. This is the sound of computer innerspace surfing. The abstract compositions bear minimal titles as well, such as "constbeat_bc1551", "atma_cycle", "clicks_1235", "porvan2.1", "rect100", "ks_cl_1.24_16n", and "dolphine_bt2027_300413" to list most of them. [pre][code] is an intense listen, especially through headphones, so you'd better (at least I do) portion the listening session with necessary breaks in-between. To rest your ears, because there are many pulsating audio impressions and input throughout this recording. But, mind you everything is low-toned and calmed down. Yet the sounds and sparse melodies are exciting and adventurous stuff. Imagine a minimal and abstract 'digital Alice', or Digitalice in Wonderland - without any lyrics/words. Or, maybe a fully digital Nicolai Klimii iter subterraneum? Listening to Ujif_notfound's tracks for sure is a tickling adventure, which leaves you quite numb and dizzy. And somewhat gleeful.

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