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Beat Happening
Look Around
Domino Recording Company

More than thirty years have passed since Beat Happening's self-titled first record came out. Over time the band has gained a loyal fanbase, as well as influence. It can be argued that Beat Happening practically midwifed the indie pop culture we experience today. During their heyday, in the late 80s and 90s, their down to earth demeanor and minimalist music represented a welcome turn in the alternative segment of pop music.

Now the indie legends have finally released their collection album. Look Around contains 23 tracks picked by the band members themselves: Calvin Johnson, Heather Lewis, and Bret Lunsford). The style is familiar. Simple, but clever. Playful, but sometimes dark. Repetitive, but extremely catchy. If you are a longtime fan, Look Around features old singles and classics like "Godsend" and "Indian Summer", which are sure to make you warm and reminiscent this cold November. If you're a new listener and interested in Beat Happing, Look Around is the perfect record to start with.

[PS! This career-spanning, remastered, retrospective anthology was handpicked by Calvin & co. A Beat Happening reissue series (on vinyl!) will begin next year on the Domino label. The K legacy lives on, with K's and Calvin's D.I.Y./'anyone can do it' ethos preserved and distributed for the next generation. The spirit of K/Calvin never ends! Like when he visited Oslo's venue Ingensteds (In English: Nowhere) on October 6th (along with Broken Water). Calvin is a true DIY entertainer. He entered the stage straight from his merch stand in the back of the room (to wich he returned immediately after his show). Calvin, his guitar, and his deep voice. Unplugged. No amps or microphones at all! All for the sake of rhyming! Way cool. - editor's note]

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