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Sheep Numbers
Don't Text Santa
Berserk Records

Christmas is long since gone, but there is an old saying telling 'Xmas lasts till Easter', so... Just before Christmas (December 15), Sheep Numbers launched their little "Don't Text Santa", a merryxmas2015 greeting. Since we missed this musical Christmas card here at Luna Kafé: here it comes!

Sheep Numbers is a Chicago based quartet of Mike Martello, (on guitar and lead vocals), Josh Hambrock (synth, backing vocals), Andy Dierker (drums), and Dustin Monk (bass). Sheep Numbers released their debut album Future In Reverse (which included a number of songs from their 2011 CD-R release Sheep Numbers and the Canine Psychology) last March. They seem to have sort of a 'tradition' for Christmas songs, as they launched "Santa's a Lie" on December 24, 2014. Well, "Don't Text Santa" is a little, happysad, humorous song about Santa having a fatal accident while texting while driving ('...Santa Clause is dead / he had an accident in his sled / When he looked up from his phone / he had to swerve to miss a drone...'). For fans of The Gerbils and The Music Tapes this could be a song (or a band) to check out. If you're up for some anti-folk, twee indie lo-fi-pop, sign up for the Sheep Numbers fan club. Merry Xmas one month late!

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