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coverpic flag Denmark - Full Moon 239 - 02/22/16

Jacob Faurholt
Raw Onion Records

Jacob Faurholt has a history of releasing good records, and this new effort is equally fine. Opener "Floating in Space" is a suitably spacey effort sort of like the ones by Mercury Rev. The album is done in collaboration with Brian Batz from Sleep Party People (DK), and it's a breakup album after the end of a long relationship in the singer's life. It's not as maudlin as that sound though.

"Guided by Voices" is a fractured ballad, with the singer sounding forlorn. It does pay tribute to the indie greats by that name, and that's sweet. "Future Wife" tries to look to a brighter future, and has a nice upbeat tempo. "One Last Goodbye" ends the album on a hopeful note, Faurholt closing the door on the past. It recalls Granddaddy and their ilk. It's a lovely album.

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