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coverpic flag New Zealand - Full Moon 239 - 02/22/16

Kane Strang
Things Are Never Simple
Flying Nun Records / Ba Da Bing Records

Kane Strang brings us 'down under' (from Europe, that is) to Duendin, New Zealand - even though Kane Strang (himself) has been based in Germany. "Things Are Never Simple" is a track taken from Strang's debut album, Blue Cheese (his first album proper, even though he has released a demo collection entitled A Pebble and a Paper Crane which was released in June of 2013). Strang operates within the folk-pop-psyche genre. He (Kane) and his band (Ben, Pete and Rass) seeds, grows and picks his (their) songs out in the big, beautiful, multi-coloured garden of pop-psychedelic tones, with its tempting delicacy bed of flowers, berries and vegetables. A new wave of the Dunedin sound pop, aye? Anyone? Yes? Yes, please!

A Pebble and a Paper Crane was said to recorded in a 'WWII bomb shelter in Germany'. Strang returned back to Dunedin, and he wrote the songs to make up Blue Cheese during some quiet time at his parents' house. One of these songs is the shimmering, enchanting "Things Are Never Simple", some other is called "Full Moon, Hungry Sun" (both taken from the up-coming album). Anyway, "Things Are Never Simple" is a littel gem. It's shiny and it's sparkling. Perfect pop-sike, or psych-pop making me really keen for Blue Cheese to come. I've always liked the flavour of blue cheese, so my guess is that the album will be something for any/every meal: breakfast, lunch, dinnner, dessert, yes, even along with a nightcap. Yes, last thing: You can always trust Flying Nun (and Ba Da Bing).

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