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The Inchtabokatables
Too Loud
KP Music / BMG

Here it is, the follow-up and the sister release to last years album Quiet. Regardless of the title the music on this disk is no louder than on the last disk Quiet (which wasn't quiet at all to begin with). The Inchtabokatables still don't use any guitars, and still the music sounds like they would. However, very often they abuse their violins and cello by playing them like guitars, therefore they sound like guitars. So once you got over the first enthusiasm about the instrumentation (and this is their fifth full length album) you have to realize that they're not that different from any other rock band sonically. You have to decide for yourself if this is exciting or boring.

The album is very well produced, lots of interesting sounds and noises. Another step ahead for the band, yet another step towards the mainstream. On the way they lost all the humorous elements of their older records.

But let's judge the new record on its own merits, not on past glories:

The first track Red Skies, one of the two tracks with (partly) German lyrics on this disk, sounds like a Rammstein copy (ironically the Rammstein bass player was a member of the Inchtabokatables once). Probably an effect of the deep voice speaking German lyrics. Confined Love afterwards is almost relaxing.

Selling our Souls, the third track, starts very heavy, but later you can actually identify the violins for the first time on this album. Destination is a dynamic rock song, a nice combination of the violin-like and guitar-like tones. You Chained m e up is a mix of a ballad in the verse and a kicking rock song in the chorus.

Too Loud is a slow and bass heavy song. Kiss your Ear is most memorable for the bombastic drum sound. Despite its waltz rhythm Watch out is also a heavy rock song. If they'd played Chachoo-Choocha with guitars it would've sounded the same - the sound effects on this track are nice as well. The next track My Eyes does not offer anything outstanding, just a pop song.

Wer? is the second German song, a hate song for all awkward customers, a nice one, but mostly the lyrics make it memorable. Like too many other records the CD ends with a ballad, in this case a (mostly) piano track called Sleep Well.

Bottom line: Not bad, but I think they've done better in the past. If you like mainstream rock done with non-mainstream instruments, then buy it, but if you're looking for something special, then get the older albums first.

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