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coverpic flag Germany - Luna Kafé - Full Moon 24 - 10/05/98

Into The Abyss

Cosmogonia starts with a flute that would easily be at home in the lonely mountain regions of Epirus... From there it heads into a sea of floating delay guitars, tribal rhythms, violin passages, samples, and dark, powerful vocals that randomly and instinctively recall a spice-laden souk in the Sahara, a Medieval Witch Dance or a far away, adventure-riddled corner of the earth. Cosmogonia, a word which is derived from Greek and which refers to the origins, creation and evolution of the universe, is a powerful release from Germany that combines cross-literary, cultural vitality mingled with elements of psychedelia and infra-mind expanding elegance - a sort of mental archetypal Cosmogony where new ideas mingle with the old and comfortable to create the exciting and daring new. Free yourself from the burdens of mundane existence and embark on the trip to experience the cosmological feast offered by Janis Kalifatidis and Co. ...

(And it's available as a gatefold cover double-LP! - editor's note)

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