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The Crivits
The More The Truth Hurts ... The More I Learn About Myself
Ignition Records

The Crivits have already existed for 10 years. After Lost & Found they made this new record for Ignition Records, the home label of Sonic Rendezvouz, a distribution centre. Enough info, it's time to go to the music. The Crivits make some melodic hardcore. Sometimes the music makes me wanna puke my guts out. Like in Clear My Head the vocals don't fit in. He sure can put some more anger in his voice. That prob. would have improved the sound a lot. On this CD the music goes from from acoustic guitar + vocals, in Signs & Unspoken Written Words, through melodic hardcore, until it reaches some metal-infused hardcore, Mortal Combat. Mortal Combat has to be taken very unseriously, but there are a lot of other serious songs. They end this album a Tracy Ullman cover, Breakaway.

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