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Echo Troopers
They Said I Shouldn't Care, But I Did
Smalltown Supersound

This single has the most delicate cover sheet; it's like a small book(let) which usually presents poems, with a quotation of life's philosophy by the Norwegian author Axel Jensen (who once "fought" with Leonard Cohen over a girl on a Greek island). The blurred photography in blackish blue on the front is sort of a signal of what type of music one can expect. "Slippergazing" low-budget melancholic angst-pop.

They Said I Shouldn't Care, But I Did is a 7" EP presenting 7 songs by Truls Haugland, who is the sole Echo Trooper. Everything's recorded at home to a 4-track recorder, and shows a skilled lo-fi pop-head. Mr. Haugland sings and plays slightly distorted and moderately fuzzed guitars, while he keeps his songs simple and short. Imagine Syd Barrett (without all the drugs and the total lunacy) together with the old Jesus and Mary Chain (without the high hair and the extreme noise). Musically as well as lyrically Echo Troopers wander the greyness and sadness often to be found in the daily life, hence titles like When The Raindrops Fell, What Will Tomorrow Bring, Lo-life and the title of this EP (which is not a song). Life's not a beach. But yet again there are sunbeams trying to break through.

Lo-life, a tip-toe low pop-song, is one of the best tracks of the single. Together with I'll Tell You Why, which includes a flute, and the cool closing song Lost In Space. Keep an eye on Echo Troopers, who so far - besides this EP - have released a split-single with Slowburn.

The autumn is here, guided by the voice and the sound of Echo Troopers. Here comes the rain again...and again...and again...

Write: Smalltown Supersound, Rostedsgate 6, 0178 Oslo, Norway

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