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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 240 - 03/23/16

Long Way Home
XL Recordings / Playground

Holly Lapsely Flecther thought her name would sound cooler with an umlaut, so she is Låpsley. The young singer's debut album sounds very modern, with vocal effects doubling her efforts set to a very polished sound.

"Heartless" is very catchy and reminiscent of Adele's recent sound, though in a Låpsley way. "Falling Short" is a beautiful song, with a very pleasing sound, Flecther's voice circling around itself. "Painter" shows that voice off well, and has a soft sound with some edges intact. "Seven Months" closes the album on a good note, Flecther sings beautifully, and it all works well. She clearly has a bright future ahead.

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