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Acres Wild
Line of Sight

I've been a fan of Acres Wild for a couple of years now, but "Line of Sight" is a somewhat different song from the band than their earlier tracks. Fronted by singer/songwriter Magnus Askjer Lefsaker, Acres Wild started as his private project but exanded into a pop quintet combo. With a rhythm box drive, everything recorded as a bedroom/living room lap-top recording(?), "Line of Sight" is a more up-tempo (but not fast) track. As usual Simen Følstad Nilsen's guitar creates some delicate bouquet of tones and riffs, with its picks, plucks and strokes. Lefsaker is roaming the fields of pop melancholy, aiming for some perfect, 3-minute pop songs. "Line of Sight" clocks in at 3'30, but it is a comfortable listen for sure, growing for each spin. The playfulness and the diversity of the instrumentation and the rhythm contrast the tender sweetness of the vocal lines perfectly. As the sun is warming way before Easter, it seems Acres Wild tickle and tease the spring to come early this year.

Acres Wild's debut album, Ignore the Flags on the Beaches (featuring "Line of Sight") will be release later this spring. The album is produced by Sjur Lyseid (a.k.a. Little Hands of Asphalt) and my guess is that this will be the perfect pop album for the summer of '16. Like I said after hearing Acres Wild's "63": 'The summer starts here!' With "Line of Sight" Acres Wild climb above the silver sky. Where the sun always shines. Splendid song.

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