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bob hund
Brooklyn Salsa
Woah Dad!

This time bob hund has landed in Brooklyn - the home base of all things hip, even though bob hund is far from being hip, or hipsters. They are the cool gang of anti-hipness. As usual, as they have always been for more than 25 years. And counting

"Brooklyn Salsa" is their new single from a forthcoming album (due in September?), which will be their eighth (?) studio album and their first since Låter som miljarder (2012). Over the last years, the group have been doing everything else but recording songs in a normal way. They have auctioned away all their equipment; they have performed live musical scores to silent movies; they have collaborated with Popkollo (a Swedish nation-wide female music/art/performance/film "collective"/society/organisation), Ladyfest (a global initiative for cultural, creative arrangements within the fields of music/art/performance/film - also this is initiated by women, for women), Göteborgs Symfoniska kör (Gothenburg Symphony Choir), and Helsingborgs Symfoniorkester (Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra) to name but a few. Just before Christmas they launched the single "Blommor på brinnande fartyg" (feat. Popkollo) (in English: 'Flowers on burning ships'). And, yes, guitar player Conny Nimmersjö put out an excellent solo album last year, Tänk, nyss var här så trevligt.

bob hund has become an institution in Sweden (hey, they're very, very popular in Norway and Denmark as well, with a most dedicated following), with their super-charming mixture of punk spirited lo-fi, new-wave indie-rock, tinted with Krautrock and Dadaist experimentalism, but firmly grounded on the entertaining Swedish folk-song tradition. "Brooklyn Salsa" sees Thomas Öberg and his comrades in a more dancy corner. Öberg is a wonderful frontman with his playful and whimsical style, and bob hund has been a spectacular live attraction ever since their wee beginning. '...du vill leva, du vill dö i Brooklyn!' ('you wanna live, you wanna die in Brooklyn'), chants Öberg as the bob hund groove train runs on. "Brooklyn Salsa" is bob hund's own special pop-funk sauce. It's for sure a groovy gravy.

PS! Check out their live version (featuring a female youth choir) of the song for Norwegian radio channel P13 here.

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