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Sound Of Ceres
Nostalgia For Infinity
Joyful Noise Recordings

Sound Of Ceres was formed as a duo in 2014 with Karen (McCormick) Hover and Ryan Hover of dream pop combo Candy Claws (which also featured Kay Bertholf). On-board their new 'vessel' they have invited members of The Apples in Stereo (Apples chief commander Robert Schneider, plus John Ferguson and Ben Phelan) and The Drums (Jacob Graham). Also on board are Moon Magnet studios' multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer/graphic artist Derrick Bozich, as well as Russell Ault (both credited as co-composers and engineers). This new collaboration boost a comfortable mixture of hovering, electronic dream pop. As Candy Claws' motto was (still is) 'In a time before time, Ceres & Calypso began wandering the depths of the world', the idea of this concept album is 'retelling of the song "The Girl from Ipanema," replacing the girl with a spinning antiprism, and the unrequited longing with an existential shout into the expanding universe.' Easy listening pop in the outer space spheres.

Nostalgia For Infinity is said to explore 'the parallel between "The Girl..." and Marcel Proust's novel "In Search of Lost Time," in which he describes "a world beyond us but within our understanding."' Confused? You can simply drift along with the beautiful, relaxing pop songs of Nostalgia.... The concept of the album is said to be '[Nostalgia For Infinity] works on five levels, described as "orbits", following the guidelines from National Sound: 1. Outer: Stella by Laserlight; 2. Polar SSO: Deep Silhouette; 3. Mid-Pyramid: Notes from Solar Mirror Anthology Vol. 33; 4. Supercopernican: 2nd Jupiter Mission; and 5. Inner: In Search of Lost Time and Space. Still confused? Me too.

Nostalgia For Infinity is a collection of pleasing and soothing pop, manly of the synth-flavoured type. From the opening sounds of "Pursuer" you realise that this album is going to be a smooth and soothing musical journey. These are songs and sounds for 'psych-poppers, shoegazers, dreamers, lovers of space jams...basically anyone who loves very pretty music that floats like butterflies and doesn't sting at all...' (AllMusic). From the washing waves of "Bryn Marina" through the laidback poppy style of "Ember Age", Nostalgia For Infinity is nothing but gentle pop treatment. At times maybe too gentle, with spacey synths and brushed vocals. The tracks I like the most are "Side A", "Kingfisher" and the (almost) over the top synthetic closing track, the catchy "Dagger Only Run". In total Nostalgia For Infinity is a bit too much of the dreamy, dazed pop soundscapes. That said, it's also quite a cool album. Finally, to quote Joyful Noise one last time: 'While Candy Claws explored terrestrial realms such as the ocean, the forest, and the Mesozoic, Sound of Ceres expands to contemplate all of space and time, and the human place within it.' To infinity and beyond, space-pop style.

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