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Alec Livaditis
Clear and Cloud
Kye Records

Cellist and electroacoustic improviser Alec Livaditis' debut album, Clear and Cloud was recorded during the summer of 2015. The album holds two long tracks, "Clear And Cloud" and "Through The Open Window". The former was recorded live, while the latter is live and studio improvisations. "Clear and Cloud" sees Livaditis experiment on his cello accompanied by Killick Hinds' likewise experimental Vo-96 guitar [a Vo-96 consists of 'two hardware elements, a powerful analog and digital signal processing vibration control engine called the Core-96, and a transducer pickup with an attached user interface' - in other words: it's an acoustic synthesizer "strapped" onto a guitar]. I find the noise (talking, mumbling) of the audience to be somewhat disturbing, but then it's quite fitting as some odd rhythm. It would have been worse being present when the show/improvisation was recorded. Of course it's done on purpose, as an effect to (or to affect) the music: 'music and conversation seek to undermine each other in a morose and thrilling tussle'.

"Through The Open Window" is Livaditis and his cello sparring with John Kiran Fernandes' clainet's and violin. The piece done with J.K. Fernandes (I'm a big fan of his musical escapades) is somewhat more melodic, if it's possible to say so of these recordings. The pair of them go wading through some refreshingly sober and accuratley discreet fluid soundscapes, sparse and rich at the same time. They create clear and cloud collages drifting away through some open window. They're visionary and are not afraid of crossing borders or to pass by challenging boundaries. Like the label says he (or 'they') seek to 'test the elasticity of form and structure'. Go check out the works of Livaditis (plus Fernandes!). Support your local improv-noise/sound-makers! Even though this limited edition LP (400 copies) is probably long since gone.

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