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Lawrence Arabia
A Lake
Flying Nun Records

Up for a new, interesting, eccentric chamber pop artist from out of New Zealand, are we? Lawrence Arabia (probably not his birth name...) could be your man. "A Lake" is a single taken from his forthcoming album, Absolute Truth. Well, he's knew to me, but he's got three albums under his belt since 2006: the self-titled debut Lawrence Arabia (2006), Chant Darling (2010), The Sparrow (2012).

Lawrence Arabia is of course a pseudonym: his real name is James Milne. According to Arabia's home site, he's a 'connoisseur of classic songwriting, creating timeless music inspired as much by 1970's West Coast Americana as the indie pop of New Zealand's Flying Nun Records'. The Christchurch born Milne moved to Auckland, where he started out in the indie pop bands the Brunettes and then Ruby Suns, plus his own unit the Reduction Agents before landing his alter ego solo project, Lawrence Arabia. Over the years he's been based/has recorded in Europe (in London and Sweden), and he's probably awaiting some more success and recognition around the European/American shores. According to Lawrence Arabia, the new song is one 'of those songs about absolutely nothing and consequently everything'. Life, right? His chamber pop is quite appealing and it makes me think of Pulp's Jarvis Cocker if he was an artist of the late 60s/early 70s. "A Lake" is filled with air and life, and makes me wanna check out more of his music. Cool stuff. Violins (Jess Hindin and Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper), organic drums (by Riki Gooch), piano (Arabia?), guitar solo (Arabia as well?) and all. Neat.

Absolute Truth is due in July via Flying Nun Records.

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