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Aiming for Enrike
Billion Year Contract
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"Billion Year Contract" was the second single (launched in mid-April, following "Newspeak" from January) from Aiming for Enrike's brand new album, Segway Nation released on 6th of May (we will come back to the album next moonth). Aiming for Enrike (AfE) has been a big fave around Luna Kafé's HQ earlier on and we're (well, I am) excited to check out their new recording. Like their label/publisher states: 'Through a deep interest in anything from the repetition and the nuances of electronic music to the improvised mission of jazz and the danceability of funk and postpunk, a way of expression has been formed'.

AfE are Tobias Ørnes (drums) and Simen Følstad Nilsen (guitars, pedals, loops'n'loops'n'loops...) who are a fabulous pair of players. Excellent drummer, excellent guitar player. Their label say they're 'two true virtuosos that effortlessly construct intricate polyrhythmic and grooves to accentuate the strong melodies'. "Billion Year Contract" is for sure a potent and energetic song, and it shows the playfulness of AfE even though it is not among their wildest songs. Hey, in rhythm and repetition it is wild enough. Wild, yet tamed, and the juicy, funky grooves are highly present. This is a good example of what AfE is up for musically, but mind you: when they get the chance, they go in every possible direction. "Billion Year Contract" is both mildly noisy as well as bouncy and dancy. Let us go check out the rest of Segway Nation (a title which means cartoonish new, right-wing, populist Norway). Could this be the truth about the condition of the nation Norway as of 2016? A bad state of mind - with a cool soundtrack I guess.

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