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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 244 - 07/20/16

Nick Hudson
Ganymede In A State Of War
Nick Hudson / Theme Productions Limited

Nick Hudson returns with an intriguing album that's a striking effort. The opener "John the Taxonomer" catalogues events passionately to a strong beat. "I'm Not Looking for Love" shows Hudson at his best and has a Bowie-like feel to it. Hudson has a way with these things.

"Wake On Fire" is dedicated to David Cameron and it's not a song expressing any sympathy. Hudson is at his sharpest even if he leaves the singing to Carisa Bianca Mellado and she does a great job. "A Convoluted Man" ends the album on a great note, Hudson and his sterling band playing a strong song with a dreamy yet sharp mood. Hudson has made an album that's well worth a listen, being both accessible and deep.

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