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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 245 - 08/18/16

The Loch Ness Mouse
Bamboo (Love Is Not Cool)
Voices Of Wonder

The official video of this song, off The Mouse's fifth and self-titled album, was launched last week. A great video that sees all the band members onstage in black and white and the vocalists in colours in more private surroundings, by the shore of a lake. Listening to the song on its own, it sounds pretty cool. After a smooth American r'n'b flavoured intro it turns into a nice warm mid-tempo well produced pop song. When the album was released last winter I was quick to dismiss it as too slick and sophisticated produced, lacking any rough edges. The album is like a box of chocolate-covered marzipan bars. One bar or song now and again is great. The entire box at the same time is too much and might leave you (well, at least me) with a sickly sweet aftertaste. "Bamboo (Love Is Not Cool)" all by itself can be enjoyed on YouTube.

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