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Teenage Fanclub
I'm In Love
PeMa / Merge

I'm In Love... with Teenage Fanclub! Well, it's not quite right, but I really like Teenage Fanclub's super-duper pop music. I've done that for years, almost ages. "I'm In Love" is the first taster from Teenage Fanclub's (TFC) upcoming album, Here which is due for release on 9 September. Here comes the endless summer, as most TFC songs are like beams of sun or mild sea breezes. From the Scottish highland, that is. A Scottish summer. Coming. Soon. Here.

TFC haven't put out an album since 2010's Shadows, and Here will be their 10th album proper. "I'm In Love" was launched on 21 June, which is summertime, at least here in Europe, Northern Hemisphere. Anyway, TFC's got three great songwriters in Blake, Love and McGinley, and this first single is a pure, blissful 'love pop song' by Blake. A beautiful, sweet and mellow melody with such neat guitars and harmonies - and some discreetly filling keyboards. Trademark TFG. Timeless, poppy guitar rock. Simple as that.

You came to me with your arms open wide
You don't know what you mean to me
Girl, I owe you my life
And it feels good with you next to me
That's enough, That's enough
Isn't life such a mystery
I'm in love with you, love

There is pain in this world
I can see it in your eyes
And it's so hard to stay alive
At the edge of the night
And it feels good when you're close to me
That's enough, That's enough
We will fade into history
I'm in love with you love

And it feels good when you're close to me
That's enough, That's enough
And I like your trajectory
I'm in love with you, love...
Simple as that. Honest. From the heart. Ain't that enough? Verse, chrous, verse, chorus, guitar solo (short), chorus. The end. Put this on repeat while awaiting the new album.

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