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Chunklet Industries

Mezmerised... probably the expression that best describe my feelings when meeting the unique rhythmic landscape of Pylon for the first time. Cool. It opened up the gates to the endlessly creative world of the US alternative music scene in the late 70's and early 80's: The wild experimentation of the Los Angeles Free Music Society, the hypnotic rhythms of the New York No Wave movement, the weirdness of Pere Ubu and the Clone Records collective in Ohio, the chiming melody-structures of Boston's Mission Of Burma, the bouncing nervousness of The Feelies, the endless rush of twisted hardcore and jangly guitar bands. And then there was Pylon. Dub. Born out of the rich and colorful music scene in Athens, Georgia - REM's favorite band at the time, and an inspiration for generations of bands to come. Crazy.

It was those firm, juicy basslines that grabbed my attention at first, often providing the melodic nerve of the songs, frequently overrun by crisp layers of intricate guitar riffs, Vanessa Briscoe's vocal bark ripping thru the music - lyrics short, dry, concise. It sounded like nothing I'd ever heard before. Sparse, tight, controlled, minimalistic, repetitive - yet intensely catchy. Buzz. Gyrate, the 1980 debut album is their masterpiece. The follow-up, Chomp (1983) not far behind, and this year's archive live album - recorded on home ground in Athens at the time Chomp were released (available as a double LP set from Chunklet Industries) demonstrate the band's ability to take their raw intensity and mesmerizing rhythms into the public. It sounds as fresh and unique as ever. Timeless stuff. Full stop... Beep.

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